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This page is dedicated to our customers gardening efforts in the hope that it may inspire others. Please email us any gardening pictures that you may want to share with others maree@grevilleanursery.com.au



















A gorgeous back corner of a native garden in Wyndhamvale. A feature native, deciduous White Cedar tree with a Happy Wanderer in the background. A fully grown Acacia Limelight in the foreground, with a silver Emu Bush.


 The idea of a low water usage garden was high priority for Jim of Werribee and his garden. Grevillea Nursery designed a colourful, yet low water and maintenance garden that has turned out a treat. This photo was taken in spring with the colour of compact growing marguerite daises in yellow and white creating a hugh impact. This garden is only 2 years old. Clay soil was treated with gypsum and mushroom compost. No imported topsoil was necessary. Grevillea Nursery delivered and placed the plants into position with Jim using Grevillea's free plant design and placement service. 



This is the most impressive lemon tree that I have ever seen. This dwarf Meyer Lemon is having a particularly good season with heaps of rain fall this year. Coralee (the proud owner) loves her garden and regularly treats her plants with Seasol. So to all the non-believers - you can have a lemon tree in Wyndham!


Foxgloves in full bloom at Grevillea. Where have all the old fashion flowers gone from gardens?!