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Shipping -  Plants
We can ship live plants to all of mainland Australia. The shipping costs are based on the weight and size of the box needed to transport them, and this is calculated at the checkout.  At the checkout our freight calculator will give you 5 options on freighting costs depending on company and time taken to deliver (ie air or road), along with feedback ratings for individual freight companies standards.

The Department of Primary industries can change plant movement between states at anytime. We will happily refund any purchase if we are unable to ship to your state due to DPI restrictions.

WA - All plants to WA need to be inspected by the DPI in both Victoria and WA. This adds additional costs to sending plants to WA. Current cost are $77 for inspection and fungicide/insecticide spraying, and $38.50 for WA DPI to inspect on arrival.

Tasmania - Currently we are not shipping to Tasmania.

SA, NSW and QLD - Currently the only plant restrictions in place is the movement of grape vines (including the ornamental grape) between states.

DPI has placed a ban on all plant movement to SA due to an outbreak of Myrtle Rust in Victoria (January 2012)