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Garden Photo Imagery

Grevillea nursery offers a unique design service where you can see the garden before it has been constructed. Through the use of clever computer software, our garden designers are able to build an image around your own house and yard images. The process involves:

  1. Make an appointment at the nursery specifying garden imagery. Before your appointment make a list of all the things you would like to have in your yard ie. lawn, pool, vegie garden, large play area etc.
  2. During the appointment our garden designer will try to incorporate all the elements you require to make your house a home to come up with a concept plan. (site plans and house plans are helpful for dimensioning your yard, so please make them available)
  3. Our garden designer then takes some images and heads back to the nursery to build the garden around those images. This may take up to a week before they are ready.
  4. A second appointment at the nursery for a presentation and touch up if necessary.
  5. The images are printed and laminated for longevity.

Garden imagery is fabulous for people that have trouble visualising plans. It depicts the garden at a mature age with full height of trees and shrubs against the house and fence. It also is able to have different paving surfaces and colours, lawns, water, furniture and garden art. Anything is possible.


3 photos joined together to incorporate the whole backyard 



After our garden imagery treatment

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