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Backyard Chickens

Most councils have regulations on how many chickens you can keep in your backyard without a permit. Wyndham City council allow up to 6 chickens, but no roosters (noise pollution). Check your local council website.

Chickens are a fabulous pet if you want a pet that recycles the kitchen scraps, cleans up the bugs and mows the lawn for you - not to mention fresh eggs and free fertiliser. To keep healthy chickens you need to think of the following points:

  1. Start with immunised healthy stock
  2. Chicken coops should be predator proof with the main opening facing east (protection from the main winds and hot afternoon sun). They should allow for dark quiet spaces for nesting and perches for roostering at night.
  3. During the day chickens like to scratch for bugs, eat greens and lie in the sun and have dust baths. The run should be big enough to do all that. If chickens are stressed they will stop laying eggs and may moult (lose feathers)
  4. Fresh water free from droppings and algae prevent diseases
  5. Access to plenty of food
  6. Clean, dry house to get out of adverse weather

 Nesting boxes


Chicken Coops


Converting disused cubby houses are quick and easy chicken housing

IMG_1201.JPG IMG_1200.JPG

Ruffle Rooster (Mr Pickles)      Pekin hen with two Silkie bantams